Lost Expeditions
Est. 2002 (lost shortly thereafter)

The Lost Mission
To encourage people to get out, explore the outdoors and get lost.

Every so often, you'll see a television program that features a band of adventurers trekking through the rainforests on Sumatra, or taking a boat up a jungle river in Thailand, or tracking the elusive red rhinoceros in sub-Saharan Africa. That's fine, but for many of us, who happen to be weekend adventurers ourselves, it's also unrealistic.

We're not mean though, and we're not going to shatter your dreams of worldwide travel, but if a great outdoor adventure is your bag, then look no further than your own backyard. It's amazing at how much prime wilderness is right here in the United States that goes virtually unexplored. Whether you are looking for a good hike, or exhilarating class IV & V rapids, there are places here, not more a day's drive away, that are a true adventurers paradise.

In the United States, there are literally hundreds of National Parks, National Forests, and State Parks that offer something for every adventure: hiking, climbing, biking & wildlife viewing to name a few. Some local areas offer ideal daytrip possibilities, as well.

Here is where Lost Expeditions comes in. Follow the Lost Expedition Teams as they explore the natural and cultural wonders in our own backyard. You'll be able to read first hand accounts of the Expeditions, and learn the unique wonders of each locale.

We'll also assist when you plan your own Expeditions. Not too much help, though. We don't want to take the fun out of it.

NOW! Unless you want to wait until you're 80?

Lost Expeditions & Adventure Company
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Lost Expeditions